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Synchronous provider that sources variables from envfiles. In order to use it you need to create a helper to tell which envfiles to use.

But first... installation

npm install @pallad/config-envfile

Creating envfile helper.

import {envFileProviderFactory} from '@pallad/config-envfile';

const envFile = envFileProviderFactory({
paths: ['.env'] // loads ".env" from current working directory

envFile('FOO') // uses `FOO` variable from ".env" file

// converts to int
envFile('FOO', {transformer:});

// converts it to int, if not available uses: 1000
envFile('FOO', {transformer:, default: 1000});


import {envFileProviderFactory} from '@pallad/config-envfile';

const envFile = envFileProviderFactory({
paths: [
// ignores if does not exist
{path: 'development.env', required: false},
// additionally loads production envfile and overrides all variables with same name defined in previous files
{path: 'production.env', required: false},
'.env' // requires file to exist
cwd: '../config', // custom working directory - default process.cwd
populateToEnv: false // whether to populate loaded envfile variables to `process.env` - default false