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Introduction to providers

Provider is an object responsible for loading config value from any source like env variables, files or external services.

Provider can retrieve values in synchronous, asynchronous way. Some providers can also behave like hybrids that use sync or async way depending on additional conditions.

@pallad/config supports retrieving values from:

If you need to load values from different source you can define your own custom provider.

For usability purposes @pallad/config has few composable providers:

Custom provider

For example purposes lets create a new provider that retrieves data from an object.

Every provider must extends common Provider, otherwise we will not be able to detect it during loading.

import {Provider, ValueNotAvailable} from '@pallad/config';
import {left, right} from '@sweet-monads/either';

const VALUES = {
FOO: 'bar',
BAZ: 'world'

export class CustomProvider extends Provider {
constructor(key) {
this.key = key;

getValue() {
// if value is available
if (VALUES[this.key]) {
// then return it
return right(VALUES[this.key]);

// otherwise tells that value is not available along with description
return left(new ValueNotAvailable(`Custom provider: ${this.key}`));


// resolves to "bar"
new CustomProvider('FOO');

// fails to load
new CustomProvider('UNKNOWN');