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Error codes

List of most important errors


Config loading failed: %s

You've attempted to load configuration via loadSync or loadAsync but some or providers have failed to retrieve value. Take a look at errors property or error message for detailed list of problems occurred during loading.


Value not available: %s

Provider could not load value. Second part of message indicates what property in external source is not defined.


Cannot load config synchronously since one of your config value provider is asynchronous

As message states. Use loadAsync instead to load such config or remove provider that works in asynchronous way. See usage section for more details how to load configuration asynchronously.


Unregistered type "%s". Registered values: %s

Error thrown by pick by type provider when value resolved by type provider is not registered. Most likely you've provided wrong value for type provider or you've forgotten to register options for the type.


Type "%s" already registered

Error thrown by pick by type provider when attempt or registering a type that is already defined took place. We throw this error to prevent accidental override of options for a type.




Value "%s" cannot be converted to %s

As message states. Use configuration value suitable for given type.


Protocol "%s" is not allowed. Allowed: %s

Value provided to url transformer is an url but uses invalid protocol.


Value "%s" cannot be converted to ISO duration

Value provided to duration transformer is not a valid ISO duration string.


Duration "%s" is not in valid range %s

Provided duration does not fit configured range.